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The first AGM of the Association was held at the offices of the AAA, 10 John Street, Adelphi on 23rd February 1921 at 2pm. The Secretaries' Report included details of the setting-up of the Association and reported that, in combination with Guildford AAC, a Championship meeting was held at Guildford on August Bank Holiday when "the weather unfortunately seriously interfered with the gate and the enjoyment of the spectators, but a surprisingly large crowd, about 2000, attended the afternoon meeting which provided some excellent racing. The evening programme was entirely abandoned owing to the rain. The financial result of the Meeting was a regretted loss of £147 15s 4d. This loss has sinced been reduced by the profit derived from a football match arranged by the Secretaries and held at Guildford in October last and the adverse balance now stands at £93 5s 8d.". The Accounts of the Association showed a balance of £8 7s 4d. this included a balance of £3 17s 10d brought forward from 1914. The following officers were elected:

President: Lord Ashcombe; Chairman: Mr R W Barclay; Secreatary: Mr S A Ingrey and Treasurer: Mr W M Crossley. 12 further gentlemen were elected to complete the Committee.

It was agreed to hold the County Championship Meeting at Guildford on Whit Monday (16th May) in conjunction with Guildford AAC.


At a meeting of the Committee held on 3rd December 1921 at the "Edinboro", Milford Lane, Strand a report was given of the Championship meeting: "The second post war Championship Meeting took place at Guildford on Whit Monday last, and attracted a large concourse of people. ..... There were eight Championships for decision, but in one case, that of the one mile cycle, the race was declared void, owing to the time limit of three minutes being exceeded. There was a big entry for the 100 yards Flat race for boys, the heats numbering no fewer than 16." The meeting made a surplus of £8 9s 7d. Therefore after a payment to Guildford AAC a profit to the Association of £4 4s 10d was made. It was also reported that the losses incurred for the 1920 Championship meeting had been covered by six donations. The meeting agreed to hold a 7 Miles Cross Country Race and 10 Miles Road Walking Championship

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