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Today's Date: 19 April 2024
Surrey County Cross-Country Championships 2022 - 2023

Cross-Country Championships, Lloyd Park, Croydon - 7 January 2023


1Dominic NolanCroydon Harriers00:39:39
2Nathan MapperleyCambridge&Col00:39:41
3Fred SlemeckHercules Wimbledon AC00:39:56
4Sam EglenAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:40:02
5Edward ChuckDulwich Runners00:40:36
6Ed MallettHercules Wimbledon AC00:40:37
7Ollie GarrodSouth London Harriers00:41:49
8Thomas RenshawAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:42:04
9Peter ChambersCroydon Harriers00:42:19
10Harry LawsonHolland Sports AC00:42:25
11George MallettHercules Wimbledon AC00:42:46
12Finn JohnsonHercules Wimbledon AC00:43:03
13Gary LaybourneSouth London Harriers00:43:08
14Stephen BlakeAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:43:09
15John FranklinHerne Hill Harriers00:43:15
16James HoadThames Hare & Hounds00:43:17
17Ben GoddardWoking AC00:43:21
18Richard OllingtonThames Hare & Hounds00:43:30
19Henry SilversteinHercules Wimbledon AC00:43:35
20Eoin BradyThames Hare & Hounds00:43:43
21Adrian WhitwamMorpeth H00:43:48
22Jonathan ScottBelgrave Harriers00:43:53
23Jonathan NevilleBelgrave Harriers00:44:04
24Christopher FawcettHart RR00:44:10
25Matt McdanielGuildford & Godalming AC00:44:17
26Alix RamsierSouth London Harriers00:44:21
27George LoxtonBelgrave Harriers00:44:23
28Conall McNallyBelgrave Harriers00:44:31
29Angus LambBelgrave Harriers00:44:46
30Jack KavanaghHolland Sports AC00:44:51
31Steve WinderEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:44:56
32Tom LoleBelgrave Harriers00:45:01
33Phil SymondsCroydon Harriers00:45:12
34Paul BaileySouth London Harriers00:45:13
35Nathan JanmohamedGuildford & Godalming AC00:45:15
36Daniel EvansDorking Mole Valley AC00:45:23
37Ryan EvansSouth London Harriers00:45:33
38Scott SingletonThe Stragglers00:45:37
39Michael MccarthyBelgrave Harriers00:45:41
40Daniel WolffEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:45:43
41Isaac FlanaganCroydon Harriers00:46:10
42Ted MockettRanelagh Harriers00:46:16
43Matthew EdgarBelgrave Harriers00:46:17
44Jonathan SmithRanelagh Harriers00:46:21
45Nick TearleGuildford & Godalming AC00:46:23
46Rob KellyBelgrave Harriers00:46:23
47Alex MatthewsAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:46:31
48James EllisHolland Sports AC00:46:37
49James BlackwoodDulwich Runners00:46:38
50David LawleyRanelagh Harriers00:46:45
51Alex LyneSouth London Harriers00:46:47
52Chris RyansEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:46:53
53Louis ClarkeBelgrave Harriers00:46:59
54James RobertsBelgrave Harriers00:47:03
55Chris BlackburnHolland Sports AC00:47:09
56Ross ChristieBelgrave Harriers00:47:13
57Luke WakelingCroydon Harriers00:47:26
58Peter RobinsonBelgrave Harriers00:47:32
59Martin BellClapham Chasers00:47:35
60Bruce HarroldDorking Mole Valley AC00:47:37
61Austin HallHercules Wimbledon AC00:47:41
62Ethan KendallAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:47:52
63Robert SmithWalton AC00:48:10
64Jono WoodSouth London Harriers00:48:11
65Ryan FurnissClapham Chasers00:48:13
66Lee FlanaganStriders of Croydon00:48:13
67Mark TennysonGuildford & Godalming AC00:48:20
68James BrownHerne Hill Harriers00:48:34
69Martin HarrisEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:48:39
70John FoxallHerne Hill Harriers00:49:00
71Jack HarrisonSouth London Harriers00:49:10
72Jack LancefieldThames Hare & Hounds00:49:10
73Daniel BlackAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:49:12
74Jonathan FawcettClapham Chasers00:49:17
75Nick MorrisonHolland Sports AC00:49:32
76Alex LoftusDulwich Runners00:49:34
77Tatsuya OkamotoStriders of Croydon00:49:36
78Scott MorrisonHerne Hill Harriers00:49:38
79Christopher LepineRanelagh Harriers00:49:39
80Tom IrishHerne Hill Harriers00:49:43
81Rob MarcusGuildford & Godalming AC00:49:50
82Tom GiffordBelgrave Harriers00:49:59
83Gareth TomlinsonWimbledon Windmilers00:50:07
84Martin FilerStriders of Croydon00:50:11
85Donovan DuffyThe Stragglers00:50:15
86Shaun GriffithRanelagh Harriers00:50:22
87Jonathan RatcliffeHerne Hill Harriers00:50:24
88Robert HollandsDulwich Runners00:50:31
89Ben GilmoreGuildford & Godalming AC00:50:37
90David WilliamsGuildford & Godalming AC00:50:38
91Robert WakefieldAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:50:42
92Alastair BlooreEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:50:43
93Ben StantonReigate Priory AC00:50:54
94Jonathan KeyHerne Hill Harriers00:51:07
95Chris BeardsallDulwich Runners00:51:16
96Simon BarrettThames Hare & Hounds00:51:21
97Ian DaviesGuildford & Godalming AC00:51:24
98Alastair Low-MacraeDulwich Runners00:51:40
99Max Riley26.2 RRC00:51:45
100Joseph IbeStriders of Croydon00:51:51
101Chris WoodsGuildford & Godalming AC00:51:52
102James WilsonEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:51:56
103Patrick MurphyHolland Sports AC00:51:58
104Murray HumphreyDulwich Runners00:52:06
105William CaruanaEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:52:13
106Jon BruceWimbledon Windmilers00:52:15
107Peter McNallyRedhill RR00:52:21
108Trevor ChiltonHerne Hill Harriers00:52:31
109Pedro Henrique PintoHerne Hill Harriers00:52:31
110Luke BurdenStriders of Croydon00:52:37
111Simon BoothTadworth AC00:52:37
112Nick WoodDulwich Runners00:52:43
113David RenshawGuildford & Godalming AC00:52:46
114Will ScottThames Hare & Hounds00:52:59
115Ben BradingDorking Mole Valley AC00:53:00
116Po Shing Pan26.2 RRC00:53:23
117Kerim SurulizStriders of Croydon00:53:23
118Richard BatchelorAldershot, Farnham & District AC00:53:27
119Alistair WilkieGuildford & Godalming AC00:53:32
120Howard JonesDorking Mole Valley AC00:53:34
121Peter LeeHercules Wimbledon AC00:53:40
122David HymanHolland Sports AC00:53:43
123Muhamud HaileHerne Hill Harriers00:53:50
124Tom Sellen26.2 RRC00:53:50
125Charlie LoundDulwich Runners00:53:55
126Tom GillespieStriders of Croydon00:54:03
127Chris TapleyTri Surrey00:54:05
128Simon PalmerTadworth AC00:54:06
129Mark Cannings26.2 RRC00:54:15
130Christopher CoppellottiWalton AC00:54:23
131Andrew DaviesHercules Wimbledon AC00:54:25
132Andy PerksStriders of Croydon00:54:41
133Fraser DawsonDorking Mole Valley AC00:54:46
134Jonny HoughDulwich Runners00:54:55
135Gerard Hasson26.2 RRC00:55:09
136Philip StiffSouth London Harriers00:55:17
137Robert NorvilleBelgrave Harriers00:55:23
138Antony ConstantinouCollingwood AC00:55:23
139Ian RileyThe Stragglers00:55:32
140James MooreCroydon Harriers00:55:40
141Terry BoothGuildford & Godalming AC00:55:55
142Philip ReevesWimbledon Windmilers00:56:10
143Mark ConstantinouCollingwood AC00:56:21
144Marcos Palomares-CondeCroydon Harriers00:56:29
145Chris DanielsThames Hare & Hounds00:56:33
146Mark FosterDulwich Runners00:56:40
147David WilliamsonTadworth AC00:56:44
148Abdul-Rahmaan SamadCroydon Harriers00:56:50
149Tom CheethamHercules Wimbledon AC00:56:54
150Sam DorransCroydon Harriers00:56:58
151Jacob Armstrong-PliethCroydon Harriers00:57:04
152Oliver SaynerWalton AC00:57:19
153Ian BurksReigate Priory AC00:57:26
154Gareth PritchardThe Stragglers00:57:30
155Mark PattinsonThe Stragglers00:57:53
156John FossSouth London Harriers00:57:55
157Matt KiernanCroydon Harriers00:58:04
158Ian ButlerThames Hare & Hounds00:58:06
159Terry LapinsCroydon Harriers00:58:13
160Ben RevillHercules Wimbledon AC00:58:14
161Henry Carter26.2 RRC00:58:28
162John O'MahonyStriders of Croydon00:58:31
163Neil AikmanCroydon Harriers00:59:05
164James ThomasEpsom & Ewell Harriers00:59:22
165Martin KelsenDulwich Runners00:59:25
166Sujan ShresthaWimbledon Windmilers01:00:14
167Jon PaynReigate Priory AC01:00:24
168Chris DykeCroydon Harriers01:00:30
169Andrew PatrickReigate Priory AC01:00:43
170James TebbsCroydon Harriers01:00:53
171Mike SmalleyCroydon Harriers01:00:57
172Andrew CosmatosDorking Mole Valley AC01:01:11
173Colin OxladeCroydon Harriers01:01:29
174Brynjar AgnarssonWimbledon Windmilers01:01:59
175Simon WebsterStriders of Croydon01:02:15
176Mike PocockReigate Priory AC01:02:19
177Valdis PauzersHerne Hill Harriers01:03:23
178Dean MellowsWimbledon Windmilers01:03:32
179David ClackDorking Mole Valley AC01:03:36
180Harry Kim26.2 RRC01:03:42
181Gareth GeorgeEpsom & Ewell Harriers01:03:53
182Mark CobboldDorking Mole Valley AC01:04:21
183Craig HowardHercules Wimbledon AC01:04:27
184Juan CasanovaDorking Mole Valley AC01:06:16
185Michael MannDulwich Runners01:06:46
186Jasper LloydWimbledon Windmilers01:09:30
187Martin LloydCollingwood AC01:10:48
188Chris EdwardsDorking Mole Valley AC01:11:28
189James HarrisonStriders of Croydon01:16:53

1Hercules Wimbledon AC112(3, 6, 11, 12, 19, 61)
2Belgrave Harriers161(22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 32)
3South London Harriers168(7, 13, 26, 34, 37, 51)
4Aldershot, Farnham & District AC208(4, 8, 14, 47, 62, 73)
5Croydon Harriers281(1, 9, 33, 41, 57, 140)
6Holland Sports AC321(10, 30, 48, 55, 75, 103)
7Thames Hare & Hounds336(16, 18, 20, 72, 96, 114)
8Guildford & Godalming AC342(25, 35, 45, 67, 81, 89)
9Epsom & Ewell Harriers386(31, 40, 52, 69, 92, 102)
10Herne Hill Harriers398(15, 68, 70, 78, 80, 87)
11Dulwich Runners411(5, 49, 76, 88, 95, 98)
12Striders of Croydon554(66, 77, 84, 100, 110, 117)
13Dorking & Mole Valley AC636(36, 60, 115, 120, 133, 172)
14Wimbledon Windmilers849(83, 106, 142, 166, 174, 178)

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